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students feel who was wisting that school each year i was just one of them and. so when i was captured and tone to the americans i was already in a bus close to the airport and i had already my plane ticket in my pocket i was very tall so therefore. i couldn't understand why and what reason for. jamaat to be. every everybody knows they are not interested on the war. against. us or what were the circumstances of your rest when i got arrested. they didn't told me anything what's going on they didn't told me. that they're looking for terrorists or whatever it was they said just we don't. going to check your passport a lot i did not know that time was a get all the blank you'll use on dollars for each person and. not under my name
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bots for anyone who is two and all lots of americans as a terrorist they would receive through softball and through some dollars and practiced on a lot of money and there was not social justice and when i had my first interrogation i can go months to my detention in pakistan. they asked me if i will mall with your son in law and he didn't say was not interested on me off to was you transferred to come to haul in afghanistan what happened there in kandahar in qana was happening. all kind of things like you can just imagine on the thoughts. and. on myself i saw many people got killed on the top income the saw and. i was one of those who survived those kind of closure on myself they used electroshocks because i will not sign papers. i was forced to agree that i'm being
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a member of taliban and al qaida and i was on lots even really i didn't know at the time what used to be i didn't know a lot i tried anything so. when they asked me about it i didn't tell you then i said i'm not a member of them and they brought me papers forced me to sign i refused and that they tortured me about they forced me to write me to sign making signed by electoral electroshocks and. in other times easy for smooth water treatment a small lot a lot of boarding that's not. on the water boarding so another time they hang on chains i had chains on my hands and i was hanging on the ceiling they lost pulling me on the ceiling with a chain and you into my feets used to be over the floor and. off the few days i
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start the process of of course because in that situation i could not eat or drink and it was freezing call it was during winter time and i had no clothes on so i was hanging there for many days when the interrogator came he pulled me back down and he asked me are you going to sign on out every time when i said no he just made like this and they pulled him back up what happened to all the detainees at guantanamo i got water water. after i had seen a couple things got a couple couple people got killed in front of me so it wasn't the first second one i got i had so many people got killed and some of them got just kicked on his head the until he died. and saw that one he was hanging on cheney and he did. many things but when i got to waterboard it of course i was sure.
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i can be the next one. as young man when i got arrested at that time i saw it's ok now i'm in the hands of the american government. i'm sure they have justice and. because i had so on the all the hollywood movies they had made before and they all this is an f.b.i. agent was quoted as saying guantanamo detainees were chained handed foot in a fetal position on the floor with no chair food or water for twenty four hours all more did that take place they did it with everyone i thing with everyone because so must one iraq would have to stay in a special position when we has handcuffs and shackles on and our ice was a car with with. with google so. we had to stay in that situation for
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a long time and. some people passed whether any underage detainees in guantanamo yes the youngest one was nine years old the second youngest was twelve and i still can't understand. why they get arrested do you agree with u.s. officials who say torture works that it makes people tell the truth when they told me if i will be terrorist i never will to agree because they are touching me anyway so what i have to loose. time people on the top told them couple things i don't know if it was a. lot many people are lying because. if they torture they are asking. especially questions so. they can just answer yes or no and that's why in the most awful station it's how did the system of rewards and punishments work that some of us got most of. food some of us less but.
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it was independence. which kept you are. going to existing life kind of camps and. accept along all other camps you get less food and. i must have called the camp or you will because it's made for the join on this just then the jonas people are coming they can play football maybe the first time inside five years but they say this is every day the same thing they can play football they can play volleyball and that sort of as a place for valuable and basketball a. run to join us often when they can they can play that i have to say i am a person who loves the elements ok. anting long time on many kind of animal which i have never seen in my life except on the t.v. so when i get on i got to guantanamo so i had seen
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a go on i was hiding a piece of my bread because of they go on and say was coming smart animists economy all in the same time to the fence and i was feeding them when i got. when they saw it they got i got punished by thirty thirty days by isolation in the darkness because i was feeling. and in this was there a feeling that the camp was whole style to muslims of course it was. it was like that because the eleven september they. most americans. they were thinking that. muslims are terrorists lots of course that's not to. us there to to fight against the terrorists and not to be a toast were you told anything about your legal status at guantanamo we was not authorize a tool. any kind of questions when we ask questions so we got we got punishment for
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it and they said just. because a question is not you know i didn't know the first three years i didn't know even that my family know said i'm a life and i even didn't know did not know that my family doesn't know that i'm in guantanamo i didn't know anything so. when i got arrested you know told me anything and so we thought it was it's we were not authorized to watch the news from there what was going on the t.v. off was no newspapers no any kind of news and the gods who was working inside the camp there was not authorized to talk with us even i didn't know the time i got the . innocent person by my kingdom i didn't know about it. until i got released or shortly before i guess we just saw him i saw just
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now i would stay there for all my life tell us about your sports career before you were arrested when i was nineteen i was in a way good shape because i start to train martial arts since i was seven years old and. i was doing an almost professional and saw when i got arrested of course i could not train like before in my life. even in one phenomenal i did train martial arts by myself of course i got punished every time again for it's because i was training martial arts it was forbidden even to do pushups at the last forbidden yeah i got salsa punished for doing pushups thank you for speaking with elsie.
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if you're followed up on my. back and keep it long. it goes back to a time when people would lie down in their forces in the wild west and pick up these future dates and putting them into the sheriff for prosecution. fellows to keep. their weapons. and you have to hope that nothing bad. loans. were chasing killers and you gotta keep that in mind others a two million dollar bill for his arrest. and i'm going to die. and. never go back to a. wealthy
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british signs on roads. markets why not. go. to the global economy.
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review the latest science religion from the. headlines on our teeth thousands of spanish demonstrators are venting their fury in madrid over soaring unemployment and the government's handling of the struggling economy but protesters accuse their leaders of being dictated to by brussels and instead of focusing on the people's needs. and across the atlantic america's rushing to reassure its nervous investors that it can stave off an ever encroaching default well that's even though the president and legislators continue to squabble over how to lift the fortuna trillion dollar debt. and norway falls silent remember the victims of the all slow bombing and the massacre at an
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island police have reduced the number killed in the twin terrorist attacks to seventy six saying there were difficulties in gathering information after the rampage. i'll be back with more of those stories in about fifteen minutes time but first the sports news. thanks for joining us this is sports today here on twenty four hour artsy plenty head including. southern comfort during why defeat in the cup america final to secure a record fifteen. inside russian champions in the team to within four points of view or see eskimo still following a one zero win over anji on sunday. making waves synchronized swimming a phenomenon that tell you is shankar on her team mates return home dr sweeping the
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charts out the world championships. but we get started pitch side where you're a goal i have claimed i record fifteenth a cup america title beating part of why in the decider in buenos aires the victor is opening the scoring a dozen minutes in liverpool striker luis suarez showing his class for his fourth goal of the tournament on one where they all of a final three minutes before half time reply double their advantage for the sport in twelve previous international games finally ending the drug well taken finish off part of one interest wide open. here's world cup semifinalists out and another on the stroke of full time again putting the icing on the cake reveal how it ended europe why no one south america's biggest tournament more times than anyone else. that didn't sit down.
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today came here thinking to dedicate this comp to all the play as coaches and stuff that won the first full two equal person because without them there would have been . there in russia the premier league season resumed this weekend for a three week break champions a neat simpy. mcalpin leaders say a scowl and sunday after factory over on ci the sole goal in this one coming eleven minutes from time alexander. making the difference is the russian international and a couple of the season so a fifth win seven for the northern men putting them within four points of c.s. the leaders can stretch that advantage with victory or pretty tough to. stay with football where the sport's hottest teenage prospect brazilian striker neymar could be heading for russia instead of the likes of chelsea or barcelona at least that's what his legendary compound wants him to do the former world cup winner of birth to carla seeing he's being fully met nineteen year old every day prior to the club.
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fit seemingly with money to spend after being purchased by billionaire. problem. here however neymar is also being courted by most of europe's top sides while his current club some toss up pledge to keep the forward in his home country. meanwhile another club with deep pockets month chester city has concluded their american tour victory over david beckons los angeles galaxy joe hart's instrumental in the should i win the city will keep stopping in a.j. too like garcia shot before stepping up to score his side to win penalty being a short fit seeking at seven six for their third win in the big eight well it was also notable for another. how the moment be italian feeling to walk home when one one much to the dismay of his manager got a berth to munchie me balotelli immediately substituted after the city you know had
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to arlen said of the premier league take off on all this the first. verse is synchronized swimmers have returned back home after securing a clean sweep of gold gongs at the aquatic world championships in shanghai while filming the squad. sure i met her porter earlier on team russia all seven goals on offer in synchronized swimming with and tell you shank making history by reaching the top of the podium six times becoming a six time world champion the record breaker revealing her formula for success after. watching the we have the best coaches in the world you know we train very hard every day and of course it's the talent. that we're very glad to manage to clean that all seven gold madly family we think our coaches and all the staff which will be part of our victory is very happy and also think our fans and all
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those who believed in us. they are quite an achievement brings us to moto g.p. work casey stoner has won the american grand prix in california and a championship leader overtaking last year's winner for baylor in two during the final laps to extend his lead in the spine your storage repsol funded group sixteen race with american spice taking. screen stood just topping the stunning city twenty point zero all of the rain so. we. saw danny struggling a little bit and decided to go past him because we were losing time to jorge then. wanted to stay behind to see what was going on and then we knew we had more pace than what jorge was able to run and we decided to go to the front and see what happened but you know we feel good really good at the end of the race let's talk basketball where recently retired n.b.a. star ja ming has received an honorary sendoff in his homeland the thirty year old
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chinese awarded for a well ceremony in beijing after nineteen his retirement due to injury last week the former houston rockets center stands at. twenty nine centimeters a sizeable loss had must be said to the texan franchise is an a time n.b.a. all star and will dine in the. street groups as one of china's biggest ever it's. let's talk golf or it's been a weekend to remember for shaun o'hara the american claiming his first p.g.a. title nover two years following a dramatic play off battle the canadian open the world number sixty demonstrating his comeback ability after starting the day three strokes off the pace so her carving a birdie at the thirteenth hole to tie the lead before forcing a play off with compact crisp blanks both men finishing up on for both crumbled after it stopping in for a bogey on the first hole but blanks did even worse double ball game to twenty nine
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year old oher his fourth p.g.a. tour pocketing almost one million u.s. dollars. finally natalia. taken the overall title at the world water skiing championships taking place just outside moscow richard i'm portrayed went along to find out. the weather in the setting the perfect final day of the world was skiing championships in dubai a small town one hundred twenty kilometers north moscow was bold yet to make it into the lympics event as big as it gets for competitors it's very well look to take home was the biggest prize in more skiing no stop was women's tricks events had just this trying to put in as many moves as quickly as possible trying to get top honors from the judges. a lot of the ways that we practiced we use trampolines the kind you know bounce and we write our skis a lot just the field edges and turns in it and it just takes
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a lot of falls in order to start learning the truth like you do certainly the quick take on the take a lot of practice to get right to the system sometimes there's a rhythm. of paper in front of him and it's come to a halt when the event was eventually won by better rouge and the taliban was rewarded after this fantastic performance and certainly please go home cryo fully behind the russians in the final bid to make our stance about life as gymnasts almost point to spain taking up world skiing some of the russian serves the right of which abilities certainly gives her an advantage gymnastics in general it's a really good start for any athlete playing at a sport but border skiing especially because it's really sceptical and really it requires a lot of thinking a lot of coordination so gymnastics are very helpful and that has been water skiing for sixteen years while she trains in florida nevertheless she gets a lot of funding from
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a native bella ruse which allows her to put all our efforts into improving which is luxury amongst most waterski is corrupt i'm forced to take up second jobs the situation is slowly improving but more and more sponsors coming on board however it's still a long way to go right now it's kind of somewhere in the middle but it's not really a move and i. i think i have more chances to move one where except for old three so that's a solid slalom skiing would have different tournaments separate argument sixteen would have separate tournaments and jump tournaments then we have a chance if you're going to move the ball over all it's a bit higher does that mean jadis the minute everything unfortunately proved to be an excellent day for bit because the crowned overall goal champion this championships was really good for me it was my dream after. the seven thousand and nine ski as well as good as i did today the final event of a thing was the men's jump competition the world record was my standing seventy
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three meters from platform just one point eight meters water skis one able to get me about mom however that proved to be no nightmares but wonderfully name freddy krueger as he pulled off a jump of the round to take first place all in over event was a great success for a popular with hospice spends how would be any downside to go like the russians were able to buy five medals. from both lee county the moscow region but all your sports right weather is next and i'll see you soon bye from. hungary for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world.
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we've dumped the future of coverage. wealthy british scientists on hold some time to try to. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two causes a report. in the czech republic is available in a hotel and science central hotel prima vera most full stop by you to which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina available in. the children of each.
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but you know what you know. enough. times. in serbia multis available in. regency. a show of might in madrid thousands descend on the spanish capital over a soaring unemployment and the government's handling of the struggling economy. and across the atlantic the rush to reassure the world's markets that the u.s. can avert the looming default even though the president and legislators scattered agree. on how to lift the multi-trillion dollar debt limit. norway pauses to remember the seventy six victims of friday's atrocities as the man who admits the attacks is charged with terrorism. and from our business desk russia's g.d.p. has returned to pre-crisis levels exports and imports are reaching new drought and
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you highs but analysts believe it's still too early to celebrate joining me for more in our business bulletin it. just after nine pm in the russian capital you're watching r t thanks for being with us and now to our top story thousands of protesters have set up camp in madrid central square angry at the crippling recession and mass unemployment well they know their contrie is in deep trouble but they see their future being decided by brussels and the i.m.f. instead of being able to deal with the mess themselves larches has been to meet them. the cash in spain is going mainly down the drain at least that's the opinion of thousands of people who have rallied across the country. we're going to
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pose in the footsteps of the latin american countries that parent by mexico the government is controlled by the european bank and have w t o they don't care about the people. so the people decided it's time to voice their concerns loud and clear before they lose more than just the shirt off their back spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in the eurozone so while the european leaders have been occasionally meeting in comfortable quarters to talk about the future of the euro and the european union itself people in the country have been demonstrating on an almost weekly basis demanding the government shape up stop talking and do something about the situation this is not just about higher wages and better pension plans with more than forty percent of young people in spain unemployed simply getting a job is a priority for those gathered in madrid's central square the big bark of the responsibilities from the government. because.


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